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I help your audience fall in love with your content.

Your brand needs to reach the right audience and I'm your plug.


Content Marketing

I create optimized and engaging write ups, social media strategies & content calendars. I create content your audience resonates with.


Content Creation

I talk about your product/service in a way that resonates and builds a connection with your audience.


Spoken Word Performances

Your event doesn't deserve to be boring. Book me to perform spoken word poetry in accordance with the theme of your event. 

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Book a Free Discovery Call With me

Book a 30-minute session to pick my brain on content strategies to enhance your brand's online presence. This discovery call is ideal for clients in need of my content writing, content creation and spoken word services.

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Marketing Strategy


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Movie Review


To be very honest Naimah Raji, you absolutely revolutionized the social media of Project Impacting Lives.

Prior to you joining we were struggling content-wise, now that you lead the social media team at PIL our audience loves our content, people are more engaged with our content and our social media has since seen a significant increase.

-Fikayo Aderoju

Prime Minister of Toronto

Visual & motion at Opticash

Naheemah Rahjee on Social Media

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